Make your garden a designer piece!

Pond Disc/Pond Windows made to measure

 A nicely designed garden gives you a little oasis, where you can relax perfectly. 
A High Pond can round off your garden, and with a look into the pond can make the picture perfect. 
With a Pond Disc you get access to a new world! 

Our services

 We help you with your project, no matter what it is – foil, glass fibre or liquid foil. If you wish, we can fabricate the Pond Disc made to measure. 
The Pond Disc will be glued into a stainless steel frame and can be fabricated in each size and form according to your needs. 

New Projects

 Everything keeps developing, new projects and challenges. 
At present, we work on our winter project. 
We make it possible for you to have a look at your pond even during the winter time – with our fully isolated Pond Discs.